A pending court decision would put Michigan's tipped restaurant workers at risk. Jobs and tipped income could be lost.

Submitting a video is simple: Just take a minute, look straight into the camera on your phone or computer, and tell your fellow Michiganders the following:
  • Tell us your first name and where you live in Michigan.
  • Tell us why you work in the industry--and what it would mean if you tips or your job went away.
Videos could address the following:
  • What is your name and where do you work at (name/location)?
  • Why do you like working as a server or bartender?
  • How would it harm you if your tipped income or your job was eliminated?
Tips for submitting a story:
  • Don’t script your story — we want to hear your authentic, unscripted opinions!
  • If you make a mistake, you don’t need to start over! We may edit these videos for clarity and trim to an appropriate length, but we won’t make edits to the story you are telling.
  • Make sure there isn’t a bright light behind you, so we can see your face.