Michigan Restaurants Need Your Help

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The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated Michigan’s hospitality industry. Our hotels and resorts have felt the sting of reduced demand over a sustained period and strict regulations on meeting and convention business.

Our restaurants have experienced unprecedented restrictions on their ability to operate, most notably 85 consecutive days of closed dining rooms earlier this year and reduced capacity ever since. Now, another ban on indoor dining is making it exceptionally more difficult for the industry to recover.

If the hospitality industry is to survive the winter, we must be allowed to resume our operations. Our elected leaders and relevant regulators need to hear this message.

We are asking you to take 60 seconds to share the impact of the MDHHS Order on you, your business and everyone that relies on your business.

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"Please, let's get these restaurants open and get back to work."

Rochester, Michigan


"It's really disheartening to see the restaurant industry being destroyed bit by bit."

Pinconning, Michigan


"This is hurting all of my staff."

Livonia, Michigan


"We don't think it's fair for restaurants to be singled out.'

Livonia, Michigan


"They can't survive a closure especially during the holiday season."

Clinton Township, Michigan


"We have followed the rules, we have done everything right, we've done everything we've been asked to do, but yet we are the ones shut down."

Rose City, Michigan


"It is a very, very dark cloud over our restaurant right now and I don't know how I can save it much longer."

Beverly Hills, Michigan


"To not open past December 8th would be catastrophic."

Canadian Lakes, Michigan


"Please understand that if we can't re-open after the 3 week pause, we fear that this industry will collapse."

Midland, Michigan

Chef Max

"I moved back from New York to Detroit to open up restaurants and be a part of this reviving food scene... for me to come back and give my all, and my dreams, and my passion to the city I love dearly, to be taken away in 2 weeks is really hard."

Detroit, Michigan


"It's really difficult to see the staff worry about how to provide for their families, especially around the holidays, and not knowing when they're going to get back to work."

Harbor Springs, Michigan


"These restaurants which we love, are not going to survive."

Lake Orion, Michigan


"Give us a curfew. Give us reduced capacity. Give us something, but let us be open."

Temperance, Michigan


"A company that's been in business for 80 years is in jeopardy of closing."

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan


"I've gone from 200 full time employees to 20."

Grand Rapids, Michigan


"With the rest of operations confined to curbside and carryout sales only, we've seen reduction of our sales by about 85-90%"

Plymouth, Michigan


"We can reopen on December 9th, maintain safe service and the health of our staff, with continued procedures we've put into place. Our livelihood, families, and mental health depend on it."

Harbor Springs, Michigan


"We have laid off over 100 people."

Lansing, Michigan


"We don't qualify for any grants, all of our employees are laid off, and I'm not confident without a stimulus that we'll last much longer."

Flint, Michigan


"We do everything we can to keep our guests in our establishment safe following all safety protocols."

Traverse City, Michigan


"There's no way we can stay in business if we have to go past December 9."

Beverly Hills, Michigan


"As a result of this last shut down we had to layoff every employee we have. That's 35-40 employees."

Harbor Springs, Michigan


"There has been great precautions taken and the enforcement is there."

Detroit, Michigan


"We've been in business for 29 years and we might not make it to 30."

Kalamazoo, Michigan


"We need to get back open again so we can get our people back to work."

Portage, Michigan


"We are the heart and soul of Main Street, Michigan."

Detroit, Michigan


"We are clean. We are safe. We follow the rules."

Saline, Michigan


"What we're asking for right now is a little trust and to not extend this any further."

Grand Rapids, Michigan


"This should not be falling on our staff and employees - we really need a lifeline here."

Cedar Springs, Michigan


"If we can have goals of being able to operate safely, then we should be able to open."

Grand Rapids, Michigan


"It's imperative this not be extended past Dec. 8 because people like me have to get back to work."

Washington Township, Michigan


"We were just turning the corner."

Ray Township, Michigan


"We're on the border of Indiana and they're open. People are going down there to work and we're 2 miles from the border."

Three Oaks, Michigan


"I have no income to pay my rent, bills or food. I don't know how we will survive."

Warren, Michigan


"I'm not able to work and I'm not able to collect unemployment."

Harbor Springs, Michigan


"Worst case scenario we get everything opened by Dec. 8. I wish it could be tomorrow."

Southfield, Michigan


"I'm begging you please do not extend this. We need our jobs."

Lincoln Park, Michigan


"They're struggling to put food on their table for their children."

Dearborn, Michigan


"I've had to layoff 50 people and I normally employ a team of 56 people."

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Mike & Tawna

"If we miss the holiday season, that is what carries us through."

Harbor Springs, Michigan