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The Crisis

The Michigan Supreme Court will soon decide if a 2018 action taken by the legislature known as “Adopt and Amend” was constitutional. If the court rules against the legislature, the restaurant industry will suffer because a 2018 proposal seeking to eliminate the tipped minimum wage and increase the minimum wage would likely be reinstated— creating an avoidable crisis six years later.

The Fallout

If the court rules “Adopt and Amend” unconstitutional, the likely next step would be an increase of the minimum wage to about $14 per hour and elimination of the tipped minimum wage (the “tip credit”), resulting in a 250% increase overnight. The impact of swift and unsustainable wage increases to an industry still recovering from the pandemic will be catastrophic for Michigan’s second largest private employer.

Tipped Workers Agree with These Concerns

Statewide surveys by the Michigan Restaurant & Lodging Association show:

  • One in six full-service restaurants would close their doors forever.
  • 40,000-60,000 restaurant jobs – mostly servers – would be lost.
  • 83% of servers prefer today’s system over a higher hourly pay and less certain tipping culture.
  • 79% of servers fear for their own job if the tip credit is eliminated.
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